Position Descriptions

In Good to Great, Jim Collins wrote that good leaders “get the right people on the bus, the right people in the right seats, and the wrong people off the bus.”

Up-to-date, accurate position descriptions help managers:

  • Match qualified people to job functions
  • Set standards
  • Identify and assign functions that aren’t being done
  • Eliminate redundant responsibilities
  • Quickly adjust to changes in the market
  • Understand organizational relationships
  • Recruit the right people

I help you:

  • Obtain input from employees and managers
  • Craft and draft useful descriptions
  • Deliver finished position descriptions
  • Implement programs that ensure people understand their job

"We strive to be very responsive to the needs of a multi-billion dollar government program we have supported for many years. We brought Wendy in to fine-tune how we match our staffing to our customer’s needs. The new position descriptions have allowed us to do the things that keep our customer happy."

Zewud Debebe
Human Resources Officer
Danya International
Silver Spring, MD

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“When the meaning is unclear there is no meaning.”
– Marty Rubin
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