Services from the HR Sage

Because the big problems are always people problems…


Leadership and Executive Coaching

  • Balance individuals’ needs so they can balance the needs of others
  • Keep staff motivated, engaged, and moving forward
  • Improve a key employee’s performance

Team Development

  • Harassment-awareness and diversity-sensitivity training
  • Management training and team building
  • Board and senior staff facilitations

Human Resources Infrastructure

  • Compensation and benefits programs
  • Job descriptions
  • Employee policies and procedures

Taming and Nurturing

  • 3600 performance assessments

  • Executive and performance coaching
  • Performance management

Attracting, Retaining, and Honing Talent

  • Recruitment strategies
  • Executive search and recruitment
  • Staff retention programs

Change Management

  • Vision/Mission/Values identification and reinforcement
  • Rightsizing, downsizing, and termination strategies
  • Difficult conversations and conflict resolution

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