Board and Staff Facilitations

To have a mission, you must first agree on the vision.

“After Wendy Luke facilitated our first board retreat, the board achieved a far greater cohesion and understanding of the key elements of our mission.”

Bob Baylis
Executive Committee
Rubin Museum of Art

When working to define a vision, I serve as the facilitator making certain that the discussions are structured, that all participate, and that the focus remains on the purpose at hand. This includes the mitigation of challenging personal styles outlined below.

Arguers Ask the participants, “Who would like to respond to that?”
Clowns Call on clowns for a serious answer.
Complainers Ask them to become problem solvers.
Dig-inners Ask them to develop another point of view.
Interrupters "It's also important that Mary present her point of view.”
Latecomers Assign them the first item on the agenda.
Monopolizers Refer them to the ground rule to share air time.
Non-listeners Ask them to restate what someone else has said.
Non-participators Call on them directly for their suggestions.
Idea-zappers Ask group how the rest of you see this.
Tangent-talkers “That's very interesting, though we do have to move on.”
Or. “Let’s save that for later.”

“Wendy Luke stands out in her field as a smart, thoughtful, and compassionate facilitator. Having worked with her on two retreats designed to help those in the art field adjust to radical changes in the working environment, I observed Luke’s talent for quickly focusing on core issues and figuring out the best processes for addressing difficult challenges that upset the work/life balance. Her relaxed demeanor encourages a comfortable and safe environment for open discussion. A goal-oriented leader, Luke possesses organizational abilities and a keen eye for detail that ensure tangible results.”

Dr. Jordana Pomeroy
Chief Curator
National Museum of Women in the Arts
Washington, DC

In early 2006, the National Museum of the United States Army needed to reinforce and articulate a vision that would allow it to recruit top-flight educators, exhibit designers, and curators. The right vision would make this museum, and just as surely the wrong vision would break it. I led them through a process of identifying their underlying values to quickly come to agreement in support of the vision. Through the vision and values, the template to evaluate candidates was developed. And a strong, qualified, and dedicated staff was created.

“Wendy helped me help my people translate my vision for the Museum into actionable items.”

Jeb Bennett,
Museum of the United States Army

Fort Belvoir, VA

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"Where there is no vision, the people perish."
– Proverbs 29:18
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