How I Coach

My approach is to:

Build a trusting, one-on-one relationship.

Heighten focus and awareness through:

  • 360-degree or 720-degree evaluations evaluations

  • Interviews

  • Observation

  • Holding up a mirror

Promote understanding of underlying beliefs and attitudes through:

  • Readings

  • Discussions

Create, reinforce, and expand skills, focusing on:

  • Kaizen (the small and important changes that make a difference)

  • Feedback

  • Understanding of intent versus impact
  • Painting a picture of the future

I help people align their realities...and then their goals.

To gain insights about the broad characteristics of people I coach (and those people I choose not to coach), please read the Coaching Profiles.

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“Potential has a shelf life.”
– Margaret Atwood
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