Center is a high functioning, qualitative state achieved by physical and mental shifts affecting specific muscle groups, mental focus points, and hormones. The result is a person is more resourced and resilient in and out of the office.

Leadership Embodiment (LE) incorporates martial arts, mindfulness, and bioscience. By changing form and focus, perception changes – even if only a little. Posture, breathing, and sense of space affects thought and speech. Therefore, centering is likely to be a shift in energy and a change in focus.

During stress and when triggered, muscles contract, cortisol is produced, and the amygdala takes over. It results in flight (avoidance actions), fight (argumentative or bulldozing actions), or freeze (lock down actions). Stress mutes the higher functioning capacities of the brain and activates short-term survival behavior - narrow focus, hyper-vigilance, and defensiveness.

Straightening muscles, changing the depth and pace of breathing, smiling, and expanding the sense of space result in a reduction or stopping of cortisol production. Endorphins and testosterone are produced, and results in a shift to the pre-frontal-cortex. Therefore, a person’s mind comes back. It means:

  • Access information
  • Big picture thinking
  • Creativity
  • Initiative
  • Risk taking

Leadership Embodiment Exercises

In each Health and Healing Culture facilitated discussion and workshop, participants experienced several Leadership Embodiment exercises

Think About Leadership Embodiment Exercise

Four Corner Centering Leadership Embodiment Exercise

Hands-On Leadership Embodiment Exercise


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