A 720 assessment is a leader/stakeholder (manager/team/subordinate) assessment tool. It is designed to help both the leader and the team or subordinates succeed and break free from some mutually reinforcing patterns and narratives that may be holding them back individually or collectively. It allows leaders and teams/subordinates to collectively address their personal and relationship development needs, to change behaviors, and the work environment.

As in a 360, the leader and team member/subordinate identify what the leader should do differently. What makes the 720 different is that it asks each team member/subordinate to identify what they need to do differently to support the new actions of their boss. It helps the team/subordinate look at the boss’s development systemically, which includes how they perpetuate – and often even benefit from – the old behaviors. The 720 introduces mutual learning and development.

Examples of 720 actions:

Leader: Development Area Leader: New Action Team Member/Subordinate: Change to support Boss’s New Actions
To empower team to make more decisions. Give team more accountability. Speak up when it yours to do rather than waiting to be told what to do.
Reduce micro-managing Be clear about expectations of others Be diligent in meeting deadlines rather than expect boss to police them

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"Feedback is the breakfast of champions."
– Ken Blanchard
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