Creating and Sustaining a Healthy and Healing Culture*

How do you know it’s time for you to provide your staff with the same emergency preparedness and response they provide to the others?

If you see these warning signs:

  • Sustained staff burn out
  • Exhausted and overcommitted employees, and
  • Staff are questioning if they want to stay

The HR Sage can help you create a healthy and healing culture.


We will:

  • Facilitate health and healing conversations with your staff.
  • Ensure management hears and accepts what their staff is saying.
  • Create hands-on workshops to address your staff’s specific challenges.
  • Conduct workshops to provide fundamental skills and learning contributing to a health and healing culture.
  • Devise tailored, ready-to-use, implementable coaching plans.

Organizations hire The HR Sage when:

  • Staff is constantly complaining or pushing pack on ideas to move forward.
  • Staff feels management is not listening, hearing, or addressing issues on workplace culture.
  • Staff doesn’t believe management is truly invested in them or their work.
  • Staff actions no longer fully support the mission.
  • Stakeholders are noticing the problems and are concerned.
  • There is a noticeable uptick in turnover.

How and why our approach works:

  • Programs are tailored to the challenges your people face.
  • Individuals learn that others face the same challenges.
  • Individuals learn from each other.
  • Management embraces both the challenges and solutions.
  • Solutions are committed to and carried out in small and important steps.
  • Perspectives, results, and solutions are shared week-to-week.
  • Solutions build on one another.

*Elements of a healthy and healing culture

In a healthy and healing culture, employees believe their work is important. They are given time to recharge as well as time to think and be creative. Managers and supervisors are great listeners and ask open-ended questions; they communicate regularly with their staff, providing context, setting clear and realistic expectations, and offering staff opportunities to learn and develop. Managers and supervisors recognize the contributions staff are making. Employees feel heard and empowered. Managers recognize when they employees are in overload or overwhelm and help them pause and regain a sense of reasonableness.

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