Performance Feedback

Performance management is an investment in your staff. Sounds easy! But many managers are not born with this gift. Most need to be trained and coached to ask open-ended questions and listen to understand. They must both believe in and commit to providing timely feedback and establishing goal-setting. As Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman wrote in First, Break All the Rules: "Great managers excel at holding up the mirror."

During training and coaching, my clients learn to make performance management a priority by putting it on their calendars and following up to reinforce the results they've achieved. They learn that making an upfront investment in their staff makes their own job easier as they meet their goals, obtain the culture they want, and build a healthier organization.

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"All of us perform better and more willingly when we know why we're doing what we have been told or asked to do."
--Zig Ziglar
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