What it is

  • For new or newly promoted executives
  • Conducted in the first 120-days (generally within the first few weeks)
  • Gathers perspectives quickly
  • Designed to have the staff learn about the new leader, and the new leader learn about the staff and key organizational issues in just half a day
  • Supplements the one-on-one and departmental meetings the new executive will hold with staff
  • Developed at General Electric
  • Widely used at both for-profits and non-profits

How it works

  • The facilitator meets with the senior staff to gather their perspectives and concerns about the new leader including:

    • What they want most from the new leader

    • What they want the new leader to know about them

    • The obstacles and challenges

  • Facilitation questions are distributed in advance of the session

  • Information from the discussion is aggregated and shared with the new leader while ensuring that there is no attribution of who said what

  • The facilitator helps the new leader prepare his responses and attends the session when the new leader:

    • Addresses the staff’s perspectives and concerns

    • Talks about his expectations and his operating style

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"Employee orientation centers around and exists to help the individual employee, but it is the company that ultimately reaps the benefits of this practice."
– Michael Watkins
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