For everyone

Harvard Business Review
Every issue will help you have at least one “aha” moment.
Stimulating, inspiring, and provocative talks in under twenty minutes. It is like taking a college course with the best professors.

From their website: “Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything for free.
With a library of over 2,700 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 240 practice exercises, we're on a mission to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace.”
Please watch his videos. In a most entertaining way, David teaches you how to be an exceptional consultant to your colleagues.

For museum and cultural professionals
A daily record of the most important events and issues happening in your world.
Read this five minutes a day, and in a year you will bring deeper insights to dozens of issues.

For association professionals

Associations Now
Helps you have an overall picture of how to be an exceptional association executive.

For businesspeople

Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Week, and Fortune.
Pick one and read it regularly. Pick and choose your articles or you will give up!

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