What is a Resilient Leader?

Being a Resilient Leader is about being your best, no matter how stressful your environment.

It’s not about avoiding or just coping with stress; it’s about learning how to lead in stressful situations.

Resilient Leaders perform under pressure. In the most challenging circumstances, Resilient Leaders:

  • Recover faster
  • Adapt and learn more effectively
  • Make better decisions
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Lead change more powerfully
  • Are more self-aware, self-reflective and self-confident


Resilience Lab helps you and your team stay

productive, motivated, and resilient



Are you Sometimes Feeling Overloaded or Overwhelmed?


As stress at work increases, bad stuff happens. Over-control or avoidance behaviors tend to show up, the big picture gets hazy, options seem limited, and sound decision-making suffers.  

Individuals and teams who are not resilient have little or no reserves for important projects or true emergencies, much less the day-to-day work that must get done.

The Dirty Dozen Common Stressors
  • Your team is under-functioning
  • You can't say no
  • You feel overwhelmed too often
  • You don't see a good outcome or options
  • You face multiple conflicts
  • Your product or service is under public scrutiny
  • You are over budget and out of time
  • You are being marginalized and undervalued
  • Your family wants and needs your attention
  • You haven't seen your friends in a while
  • You have unexplained physical aches or pains
  • You feel squeezed from above and below


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Expand Your Resilience Skills

By expanding your resilience skills, you will learn to go beyond simply coping with stress. Resilience fosters a calm, clear and courageous leadership presence in both steady and stressful times. Your strengthened resilience will support you, your team and your organization as you move through the choppy waters of change and will serve you well when you are facing adversity.

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Getting You to Resilience


Improving leadership resilience is for leaders and organizations who want to learn, grow and thrive in the stress of today’s work and life challenges.


Stressed → Calm

Scattered → Centered

Reactive → Proactive


Resilience Lab Outcomes
  • Reduced burnout and absenteeism
  • Faster recovery from adversity
  • Better decisions
  • Enhanced communication, collaboration, and teamwork
  • Clearer leadership with consistent vision, perspective, and empathy
  • Strengthened cultural alignment with values and accountability
  • Courage to have challenging and difficult conversations


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Resilience Lab Learning System


Resilience Lab offers a proven, three-part system for learning and applying resilient leadership skills to help you manage your response to stress so that it stays within your control.

This learning system is designed to engage in collaborative reflection and learning for positive, sustained growth.  It takes resilience tools, strategies, and practices from theory to application with results at both the individual and organizational levels.

We teach how your brain and body respond to stress and what you can do to about it. Once you understand how to harness the power of your body, brain, heart and nervous system, you will be able to practice resilient leadership behaviors in the toughest situations.


  1. The Workshop: A six-hour, highly interactive workshop that introduces resilience tools, skills, and strategies.
  • You’ll learn how chemicals released in your brain under stress actually narrow your ability to access information and big-picture thinking and hampers decision-making and innovation.

  • You’ll learn specific techniques to master your mental, physical and emotional responses to stress to lead effectively with a calm presence.

  • You’ll learn to identify your triggers – what pushes your buttons -- and how to better manage your reactions.   

  • You’ll identify your values and how to stay true to them in the heat of the moment

  1. Follow-up Accountability Groups: Three facilitated 1.5-hour accountability group discussions over six months. This reinforces the concepts and application of resilient leadership; promotes real-time peer learning and common language.

  2. Personalized One-on-One Coaching: Three hours of confidential coaching over three months time, tailored to each individual leader’s situation.



Who Benefits Most from Resilience Lab’s Learning System?


Resilience Lab is aimed at mid-level managers and high performing/high potentials. Both individuals and teams can benefit.

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Who We Are


As co-founders Barbara, Nancy and Wendy’s diverse backgrounds, skills, and interests formed a unique partnership; we share a common belief that the appreciation and application of resilient leadership principles and strategies are critical for mid-level managers and high performing/high potentials to remain successful.


unknown.jpgWendy Luke

Wendy coaches, advises and trains senior executives and rising stars facing complex management issues, helping them hone their leadership skills while also enhancing their personal growth.  Wendy coaches top executives to build better teams and get better results. Her emphasis is on empowering people to see and remove roadblocks that slow them down and replace them with behaviors that let them excel.  As Wendy works with clients to identify and reach their goals as well as expand and building upon their self-awareness and options, she uses a variety of methodologies gained in the Georgetown Leadership Coaching Program and the broad range of coaching certifications.  These include Leadership Embodiment, Resilient Leadership, Center for Creative Leadership 360 Assessments, Leadership Networking Diagnostic, Leadership Circle, SOAR Certified Facilitator, Story Type, and Narrative Intelligence, among others.

Wendy spent a number of years moving up the corporate ladder in Human Resources and Administration in diverse industries – from publishing to public accounting, to government contracting, to turnaround management, to associations – before starting her own consulting and coaching company.  Her clients include medium and large size for-profit companies, non-profits including museums, foundations, and associations, and federal agencies. She is a designated Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation.


barbara.jpgBarbara Beizer

Barbara focuses her work on her leadership and personal development coaching practice.  For more than 25 years, she worked with leaders and their teams facilitating change and the alignment of human systems to achieve shared goals in a variety of corporate and non-profit organizations. She partnered with executives to design and facilitate leadership retreats and meetings involving succession planning, strategic planning, and business-based team effectiveness.

After 9/11, she joined with international conflict resolution experts to facilitate highly-charged, multi-cultural community dialogues. She has also served as a board member and president of a national non-profit for women in transition.  Her interest in resilience grew out of her passion for understanding how people behave in stressful environments, especially leaders facing the challenges of today’s marketplace. As a co-founder of Resilience Lab, she is excited by the evolving scientific research on resilience and the opportunity to train and coach leaders to be productive under pressure.


Nancy 3Nancy Reller

Nancy has spent decades in strategic communications with companies, non-profits, government agencies, associations, and foundations. She has managed the communications direction and implementation of highly complex and high performing organizations during mergers and acquisitions, giving her an inside view of resilience in action. She has facilitated meetings that range from strategic planning sessions with boards of directors to national healthcare leaders, creating a new vision to departmental team-building retreats where intentional and relational communication serves as a critical component of resilient individuals, teams and organizations.

Her recent work serving as co-designer and communications consultant to a hospital-based program for nurses who are learning to transform moral distress into moral resilience -- often referred to as clinician burnout -- is a relevant lens for developing resilient self-leadership. Her strategic communications work with the multifaceted issues of end-of-life care, women¹s health, the nursing shortage, bioethics, and transition management, has formed her lasting belief that enduring solutions are only made possible by first finding the heart of what matters. Her focused work and concentration with Resilience Lab hold the same lesson.



Resilience Resources



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What Resilience Means and Why It Matters, by Andrea Evans, Harvard Business Review, January 2015, HBR Resilience article



Leadership Embodiment, Wendy Palmer and Janet Crawford, 2013

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A Touch of Grace, Wendy Palmer, a video on Leadership Embodiment You Tube video

The Science of Positive Brain Change, Rick Hanson; video and illustrator of how the brain works.


Additional Resources

Heart Math: The Heart Brain Connection

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